Director General’s Statement

Welcome to our website that will give you an overview of our mandate, functions, activities, services and events in regulating and promoting safe use of nuclear science and technology.

By enacting the Atomic Energy Act 2003, the Government has attached great importance to the development of peaceful uses of atomic energy. The Government firmly supports all kinds of activities aimed at promoting nuclear technology development and peaceful uses of atomic energy. Peaceful use of nuclear technology requires the country to establish a suitable legal framework for governing the activities related to safe application of nuclear technology. TAEC will continue to take effective measures to ensure nuclear safety, guarantee the health of the staff and the public, and protect the environment. Learning from international experiences, TAEC will establish a relatively complete nuclear safety management, monitoring and emergency response system. In Tanzania atomic energy and nuclear technology application projects have maintained a good record in terms of safe operation and environmental protection.

 The potential and relevance of atomic energy and Nuclear Technology to development of our country, particularly the applications of nuclear techniques in the fields of Agriculture, Livestock Development, Health, Water Resource, Management, Mining, Industry and Energy, is very clear and can highly stimulate the economic activities in these fields, more importantly in the fields where there are no alternative technologies for use.

 The necessary and essential strategy is to build the appropriate infrastructure and human resource for the use of atomic energy and nuclear technology. Further to this our scientific and technological experts in the above stated fields need the technology in order to expand and improve their research and implementation tools for poverty alleviation programs.

 Kindly join us in the peaceful applications of atomic energy and nuclear technology for development while ensuring protection of the public and environment against possible adverse effects of ionizing radiation.

Prof. Lazaro S. P. Busagala
Director General