List Of Centres Under Closure As At 12th October 2018

Aug 28, 2018



Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission (TAEC) was established by the Atomic Energy Act No. 7 of 2003. The mandates of TAEC are to provide regulatory, promotion of nuclear technology in the country and to co-ordinate or facilitate or advise on, the transfer and safe, peaceful utilization of nuclear technology and atomic energy. The regulatory functions of the Commission among other things perform radiation safety inspections in all radiation workplace in the country. If the radiation safety status of the facility is adequate, the Commission issues authorization in the form of license. However, if the radiation practices possess radiological risks to persons and environment, the Commission according to Section 6 (i) of the Atomic Energy Act may suspend or close down facilities. Therefore, the Commission has issued closure order to seventy two (72) radiation workplaces. The public is hereby informed to take note and avoid accepting services offered by these facilities.CENTRES UNDER CLOSURE ORDER AS AT 12 OCTOBER 2018