Training Course in Radiation Protection for the Workers Using Radioactive Sources and Bio Medical Engineers

Feb 20, 2020

Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission (TAEC) is conducting a five-day training course on radiation safety management for workers using radioactive materials in the mining, factories and Bio medical engineers who repairs and maintains hospital equipment. Training started on Monday, at the TAEC Headquarters, and will officially end on Friday, February 21, 2020.

 The main purpose of this course is to provide awareness education on radiation matters, safe use of radiation, possible radiation effects, the Law governing the regulation of safe radiation use, the best ways to protect themselves and the public against the effects of radiation in accordance to the principles of radiation protection in ensuring the safety to users and medical technicians.

During the official opening of the training today, the Acting Director General of  TAEC, Dr. Justine Ngaile said the training would enable participants to be aware on the safe use of radiation sources, to protect themselves from the possible harmful effects of radiation in their workplaces.

The total number of sixteen (16) participants, Coming from Bulyahulu mine, Coca-Cola Kwanza company, Serengeti Breweries, Bugando Hospital, Oceanic Pacific and Archelis.