National Training Course on Applications of Radiation Technology for Non Destructive Techniques Conducted at TAEC Headquarters, Arusha

Mar 16, 2021

The Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission (TAEC) is conducting a national training on Applications of Radiation Technology for Non Destructive Techniquesin workplace for 45 workers using radiation sources in their workplaces.

The training started on Monday 15 March 2021 at TAEC Headquarters, Arusha City and is expected to end on Friday, March 19, 2021.

The objectives of this training course is to provide or enhance knowledge and skills on Safety and security of Radiation Sources to professionals utilizing sources of ionizing radiation for different purposes e.g. filling level inspection; thickness, moisture and or density measurements, and Research. Therefore, course participants are from road construction companies, mining sector, manufacturing industries and research laboratories, among others. Course objectives will be attained through theoretical and practical sessions.

On his opening remarks on behalf of the Director General, the Head of Research and Training Dr. Shovi Sawe said that “the training will provide knowledge and skills needed to ensure radiation safety, security of radiation sources and compliance to the Atomic Energy Act”.    

“I am confident that you will pay attention so that you can benefit from professionals who will be conducting this training course on Applications of Radiation Technology for Non Destructive Techniques”, said Dr. Sawe.

On the other hand, the course coordinator Mr. Atumaini Makoba said that participants are expected to ensure full compliance to the Atomic Energy Act and its Regulations upon completion of this essential training course.