Radioanalytical Training Course at TAEC Laboratories in Arusha

May 15, 2020

Eight participants (8) from seven African countries have completed a three months training course on nuclear technology applications and analytical techniques that was organized by the Tanzania Atomic Energy commission (TAEC) in co-operation with the European Union. (EU)

During the official closing of the course the Director General of the TAEC Prof. Lazaro Busagala urged to the participants to make use of the knowledge and skills attained during the course to ensure that nuclear technology is applied safely in the countries and protect the public and the environment against possible adverse effects of radiation.

“You have gained enough skills in this training. I urge you to make sure that you transfer the knowledge gained into practice and transfer the experience attained to other colleagues in your respective countries” said Prof. Busagala.

Moreover, Prof. Busagala said that despite the challenges and threats of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic which has affected many countries around the globe, the participants continued to concentrate with their training for the whole period of three months while observing all precautions of staying safe against the effects of the virus.  Prof. requested all the participants to ensure that they continue to take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves against the COVID19 infections on their way back to their country and maintain all safety precautions while continuing with their work.

However Prof. Busagala has called on the European Union (EU) to develop greater cooperation between them with the aim of supporting the acquisition of equipment for the next phase of the laboratory, which he emphasized that when construction of the second phase of the laboratory completed, will be a training center for nuclear technology. Construction of the laboratory is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

Meanwhile the Project Manager Ms. Genevieve on behalf of the EU thanked TAEC for accepting to host the training and coordinating the participation of the trainees and several professional form University of Dar es Salaam that were requested to  deliver  lectures during the whole period of three (3) month. Ms. Genevieve was impressed by TAEC long term plans on establishment of a nuclear technology training centre that will be used by the East African Region