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About Department

The vital role of research is to advance and refine knowledge and provide solutions to problems facing society at local and international levels. It is in this contention that TAEC established the department of Research and Development to enhance implementation of the research culture in nuclear and radiation technology in the country. The overall objective is to create an innovative contribution of nuclear technology applications by doing researches in various under-researched areas to stimulate the Tanzanian economy and the world. The department is responsible for organizing, soliciting and administering research funds from donor, internal and external grants and handling of researches, projects, innovation and handling training programs in nuclear and radiation technology. It is for this reason TAEC maintains several nuclear analytical laboratories that support research activities and provide training to various stakeholders. Various research proposals and projects are encouraged to augment national priorities in agriculture, livestock development, natural resources, human health, nutrition and environment, taking into consideration available human and other resources important areas.

Roles of the Research and Development section

  • Coordinate researches and applied research designed to facilitate the evaluation, development or practical applications of atomic energy and radiation sources for safe and peaceful purposes,
  • To enhance the practical use of modem methods in atomic energy and radiation technology applications through dedicated researches.
  • To help the TAEC in disseminating information relating to research findings
  • To formulate and implement programmes for the training of persons to become qualified experts in the development and practical applications of atomic energy, nuclear technology and the use of radiation sources and radiation protection
  • To facilitate the conducting of seminars, workshops or short training courses including Public education for the safe and peaceful uses of atomic energy and nuclear technology
  • Consulting the public and private organization towards the projects on the atomic energy and radiation bases for a safe community.
  • To initiate and implement any project concern the atomic energy and radiation safety when it needed.

The Research and Projects (Internal)
Currently ongoing research projects at TAEC;

  1.   Characterization of pictographs at Kondoa rock art in Tanzania using non-destructive nuclear techniques-In progress
  2. Assessment of Heavy Metals and Radionuclides Concentrations in Lake Manyara-In progress
  3. Assessment of Natural Radioactivity Levels and Options for Managing NORM Waste in the Oil and Gas Industry in Tanzania-Postponed to Next Financial Year
  4. Assessment of radioactivity at the beaches and radiation protection of the public using the beaches in Mtwara Tanzania-In progress
  5. Estimation of Radiological Impact from Uranium Mining and Milling Operations at Mkuju River Project in United Republic of Tanzania-In progress
  6. Area monitoring of ambient dose rates in parts of Central and Eastern Tanzania-In progress
  7. Workplace radiation dose monitoring in diagnostic radiography facilities in lake zone regions of Tanzania-In progress
  8. Estimation of annual effective dose from polonium-210 (210Po) in common sea foods consumed in Tanzania-In progress
  9. Assessment of heavy metal Concentration in ipomoea batatas and spinach consumed in Zanzibar by Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) -In progress
  10. Assessment of heavy metal pollution in red seaweed collected along intertidal coastal areas in Zanzibar by using EDXRF technique -In progress
  11. Analysis of heavy metals content in cloves cultivated in Zanzibar by using EDXRF method-In progress
  12. Students perception on the use of Information and Communication Technologies in Obtaining Awareness on Nuclear Technology Applications in Tanzania-In progress
  13. Investigation of sedimentation rate of the Nyumba ya Mungu hydropower reservoir using nuclear techniques-In progress

The Research and Projects (External)
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Publications and Articles
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Call for 2020/2021 Research proposal Funds
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The Research and Development team has four (4) Staff

Dr. Shovi Sawe

Dr. Remigius Kawala

Dr. Suleiman A. Suleiman

Dr. Firmi P. Banzi

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