Call for Submission of Project Concept Notes (CPNs)

Mar 3, 2022

Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission (TAEC) presents its compliments to the general public and has the honor to announce the start of preparations for the 2024–2025 technical cooperation (TC) projects. The (TC) projects are prepared through submission of Country Program Notes(CPNs)/Concepts.

The CPNs should be developed based on the Country Programme Frameworks (CPFs) (attached), and should take into consideration other national development plans.

Different stakeholders/sectors where nuclear technology can provide contributions for sustainable developments are strongly welcome to submit their concept notes based on the attached template (National Project Document) by 20th March 2022.

The concept notes will be reviewed by TAEC secretariat upon submission, and thereafter the CPNs which will meet the TAEC/IAEA qualities will be submitted for discussions during the stakeholders meeting. The meeting will be convened sometime in April 2020 for refining the concepts.

In this case therefore, TAEC is encouraging you all to submit your concept notes on time. Please send all developed concepts to TAEC secretariat via before the above mentioned deadline.

Please download submission template here

Hifadhi za nyaraka