TAEC and the Police Force Sign the Continuation of an Agreement to Continue to Strengthen Radiation Protection and Security in the Country

Jun 11, 2022

Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission (TAEC) and the Police Force today June 10, 2022 have signed the continuation of a memorandum of understanding for the security and protection of radiation sources in the country.

The agreement is to ensure that the Police Force provides security during the transportation of radiation sources as well as to ensure that all facilities which are being ordered to stop service due to non -compliance of laws and regulations remain closed in order to ensure safe use of radiation in the country.

The main goal is to further strengthen the protection and security of radiation sources in the country and to prevent such sources from falling into unsafe hands and used for criminal purpose / terrorist incidents that may cause harm to the community.

The agreement was signed by the Commissioner of Police Operations and Training CP. Liberatus Sabas accompanied by SACP Police Chiefs Justus Kamugisha, ACP Marisone Mwakyoma, and ACP Mary Kipesha on behalf of the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

On other hand of TAEC, the agreement was signed by the Acting Director General Dr. Justine Ngaile who represented Professor Lazaro Busagala, the Director General of the Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission