TAEC at nane nane show in Simiyu and Arusha 2020

Aug 5, 2020

The Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission (TAEC) is participating in this year NANE NANE exhibition that is taking place  in Nyakabindi grounds in Simiyu region and  in TASO grounds, Arusha region. Nane Nane Day on 8 August is celebrated to recognize the important contribution of farmers to the national economy.

Nane Nane also may refer to the Agricultural Exhibition, a one-week fair that takes place every year around this date [8/8] in varying locations of Tanzania. In the Nane Nane Agricultural Exhibition, farmers and other agricultural stakeholders (e.g., universities and research institutes, input suppliers or fertilizer producing industries) showcase new technologies, ideas, discoveries and alternative solutions concerning the agricultural sector. Nane Nane is a fair where government and private firms present their services and activities to the public.

This is the third exhibition held at Nyakabindi in Simiyu consecutively as part of a strategy to boost the new region economically. The exhibition was officially opened by Hon. Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Samia Suluhu Hassan on 01/08/2020 with the motto, “FOR AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT, LIVESTOCK AND FISHERIES CHOOSE THE BEST LEADERS 2020” where Hon. Samia Suluhu called on all citizens to elect leaders who are qualified, patriotic and who put the national interest ahead of personal interests..

In her opening remarks, Hon. Vice President described steps that has being taken by the government to ensure that sector such as Agriculture, Cooperatives, Livestock and Fisheries are strengthened in order to bring productivity to farmers. Hon. Vice President urged all financial institutions in the country to increase credit opportunities for farmers, pastoralists and fishermen to increase productivity. In addition, she appealed to all research institutions in the country to provide research results in order to help extension officers and other stakeholders so that farmers can benefit from the results. The Vice president also launched Government’s 10-year post-harvest strategy that will seek to address postharvest losses of major crops in the country. Nuclear technology can also contribute in addressing reduction of post-harvest loses through irradiation technology.

The head of TAEC communications unit, Mr. Peter Ngamilo said that TAEC public and other stake holders are urged to visit its pavilions in Simiyu and Arusha to learn about contribution of nuclear technology to Agricultural development as well as many other sectors hence its contribution to national social economic development.   

Mr. Ngamilo said that nuclear technology is applied in various sectors such as in the water resource management, agriculture and livestock development, industrial, mining and health sector.

The exhibitions are expected to be officially closed by the President of the United Republic of  Tanzania Dr. John Magufuli on 8th of August, 2020.