TAEC Participation in Agriculture Exhibition-(Nane Nane)

Aug 14, 2018

Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission participated in the Northern Zone agricultural exhibition at TASO grounds in Arusha. The main theme was “The contribution of agriculture, livestock and fishery for industrial development”. TAEC demonstrated the importance and contribution of nuclear technology in improving agriculture products such as plant mutation, food preservation, control of pests and diseases for livestock.

Nuclear technology is used to prevent bacteria and microorganisms in foods, fruits and crops. The technology plays a vital role in preventing germs in meat and fish products. Essentially, it increases the quality of food products by preventing them from premature damage.

Meanwhile, statistics show that over 30% of agricultural food products are annually destroyed by germs worldwide. Food shortages have significant impact on income for farmers’ lives, such that it is estimated that the losses of the crop per year in African countries particular south of the Sahara Desert reaches wealthy of $ 4 billion, this amount is equivalent to 15% of the value of the yields per year.

However, human infections by salmonella germs from destroyed agricultural products raised up to a population of about 120,000 each year where these bacterial infections have been causing many death. The treatment cost due to these salmonellae and Ecoli-virus infections has resulted in a loss of US $ 6 billion annually.

Indeed, the safe use of nuclear technology according to Radiation safety regulations and requirements for food product quality can be plausible solution to the agricultural and livestock sector haddocks.

About 300 visitors got opportunity to learn about the services offered by the commissions, regulatory functions and mandate. Visitors were reminded that any activity in the country administering radiations should adhere to Atomic Energy Act, No. 7 of 2003, radiation safety guidelines and radiation protection requirements.