National Training Course on Radiation Protection for Luggage Scanners and Check Point Operators/users

Feb 4, 2021

Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission (TAEC) is conducting national training on radiation protection for luggage scanners and check point operators/users.

 The training course is open for workers working in industries utilizing ionizing radiation devices/equipment for Baggage/Cargo Screening, Quality Control users particularly those designated to operate radiation devices/equipment. The aim of the course is to have individuals trained on radiation protection principles and the safe measures during their daily operations.

Acting Director General of TAEC, Dr. Justine Ngaile officially opened the training and urged all participants to take all steps in safety precautions during the execution of their duties. In so doing the work places security will be improved and being a good place to work for the staff as well as for the visitors coming to Tanzania..

 A total of 40 officers from various places such as airports, hotels, factories and ports are attending the five-day training which started on Monday 1st of February 2021 at TAEC Headquarters, Arusha. Upon completion of the course, participants will gain skills and be better at implementing their daily responsibilities.

 “I believe this course as it expresses itself will help them in building skills and quality in making the radiation check points a better place for work and mainly important to make the place safe and for all visitors and Tanzanians against radiation exposure” Dr. Ngaile said.

 Dr. Ngaile further argued that, it is important for all participants to take safety precautions to protect themselves, the environment, as well as the populations against the possible effects of radiation.

 On his side, the course coordinator of the training, Mr. Atumaini Makoba said, this year training course aimed at increasing the scope of radiation protection education and cooperation between users of radiation sources and regulators to increase radiation safety.