Radioactive Waste Management

About Department

Radioactive Waste Management Section operates the Central Radioactive Waste Management Facility (CRWMF) which was built by the government in order to ensure safety and security of radioactive sources/materials after being observed that various users of these materials did not have the capability to ensure their safe disposal after their useful life. The Facility which is based in Arusha was completed in 2004 and commissioned in 2005.

In order to reduce the risk of radiation accidents and environmental contamination, a number of disused radiation sources from various medical, industrial and research institutions have already been collected and are being temporarily stored in this facility awaiting conditioning to ensure much safer disposal.

Roles of Radioactive Waste Management Department

  1. To operate the Central Radioactive Waste Management Facility (CRWMF);
  2. To manage radioactive waste emanating from various atomic energy and nuclear technology applications;
  3. To perform search and secure (recover) orphan radiation sources;
  4. To investigate options for disposal and implement national programs for disposal of disused radioactive sources and radioactive wastes;
  5. To undertake safe retrieval, collection and transportation of disused radioactive materials from users to the CRWMF;
  6. To facilitate development and implementation of the National Policy and Strategy for radioactive waste management;
  7. To perform the Characterization of Disused Radioactive Sources
  8. To maintain Inventory of Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources; and
  9. To implement radiation management programs to ensure safety and security of Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources in the CRWMF;
  10. Treatment and Conditioning / immobilization
  11. To perform conditioning of the radioactive wastes which have already been temporarily brought to the CRWMF in Arusha.

Altogether, 31 disused radiation sources were conditioned and secured in Long Storage Shield Container and Metal Drums. (figure no.4)

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