Radiation Awareness Seminar Conducted at Bagamoyo

Jun 30, 2020

Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission has conduct radiation safety awareness seminar for small scale traders at the Bagamoyo port in Coast Region. This seminar is in consideration of inherent risk posed by radiation to raise awareness and sensitize users and traders on their role and responsibilities in regard to radiation safety, radiation detection, radiation identification and how to protect themselves from possible harmful effects of radiation.

The awareness education was presented by TAEC Senior Nuclear Scientists of the Eastern Zone office, Mr. Alex Muhulo. Speaking at the one day seminar, Mr Muhulo said that by opening offices in border points and ports has allowed testing of samples of the products involved on the spot and provide laboratory results within a short period. This helped the client to process and obtain their radiation assessment certificates on time without delays or obstacles.

TAEC process of switching to online service of certification and licensing is aimed to provide effective, efficient, secure and quality service processing environment for the Commissions’ clients such as simplifying the online process of radioactivity analysis certificates (RACs) hence shorten time to process all certification processes. The online certification system has now replaced the manual document processes and procedures.

Mr Alex  added that businessmen should know that imported goods may been contaminated with radioactive material, hence it is imperative they should follow the requirement to have sample of their goods analysed and certified especially those that are meant for human consumption in order to prevent radiation health hazards to their customers and themselves.

Meanwhile, Bagamoyo District Commissioner, Zainabu Kawawa  who officially opened the seminar said such trainings would help traders have knowledge in radiation safety and manage to protect themselves, the public and environment.

TAEC will continue to conduct such seminars and workshops that are designed to sensitise and raise radiation safety awareness among all relevant stakeholders.